• Mo 15. Nov

    a) mobility 4min
    1min kb calf smash
    1min lat stretch on box
    1min hand walk
    1min hip cross over

    b) warm up 5min
    3 rounds
    6 ring rows
    8 straight leg sit ups
    10 step ups
    12 kb deadlift

    c) chin ups (cycle) 10min
    based on max reps
    5-9 reps: 4-3-3-2-2
    10-14 reps: 9-8-7-6-6
    15-19 reps: 12-10-8-6-5
    20-24 reps: 18-15-12-8-6
    25+ reps: 20-16-12-8-8
    *1-2min rest between sets

    d) conditioning 20min
    8 rounds for time
    12 box jumps 60/50
    10 toes to bar
    8 swings 32/24

  • So 14. Nov

    a) mobility 3min
    1min hip cross overs
    1min hand walks
    1min samson stretches

    b) warm up 8min
    2 rounds
    1min ski
    1min banded good mornings
    1min lunges
    1min plank

    c) sweat club 30min
    emom 30min
    1. 10-15cal ski
    2. 15-20 sit ups
    3. 15-20 kb highpulls
    4. 10-20 jumping lunges
    1min rest

  • Sa 13. Nov

    a) mobility
    1min calf stretches
    1min samson stretches
    1min scorpions

    b) warm up
    in teams of two
    2 rounds
    1. 200m ski
    2. 10 muscle cleans +
    5 press +
    overhead hold until partner finishes ski

    c) team conditioning
    in teams of 2
    for time
    100cal ski
    50 clean & jerks 50/35
    100 burpees over the bar
    50 clean & jerks 50/35
    100cal ski

    f/f 80cal
    f/m 90cal

  • Fr 12. Nov

    a) mobility 3min
    1min foam rolling quads
    1min sumo squat stretch
    1min lateral squat stretch

    b) warm up 5min
    3 rounds
    1min row
    10 med ball squats

    c) back squat (cycle) 15min
    5 x 3 back squats 85% of 3rm
    *rest 2min between sets

    d) conditioning 15min
    amrap 15min
    max calorie row
    on the minute (starting at 0:00)
    10 wall balls 20/14lbs

  • Do 11. Nov

    a) mobility 3min
    90sec scorpions
    90sec lunge with lateral felxion

    b) warm up 5min
    in teams of two
    2 rounds
    10 scapula push ups (1st) / push ups (2nd)
    10 scapula retractions (1st) / bar taps (2nd)
    partner does Echo bike (1st round arms only)

    c) benchmark 20min
    5 rounds for max reps
    bench press bw/ 0,5bw
    pull ups

    compare to 19.12.2019

    d) bike conditioning 10min
    in teams of 2
    10 rounds
    30sec max cal Echo bike
    30sec rest

  • Mi 10. Nov

    a) mobility 4min
    1min 90/90 stretch
    1min inverted hamstring stretch
    1min samson stretch
    1min instep rotations

    b) warm up 5min
    2 rounds
    200m run
    12 straight leg sit ups
    9 barbell good mornings

    c) deadlift (cycle) 12min
    4 sets
    8 deadlifts
    *start with the heaviest load from last week and build to a heavy set of 8reps
    **2min rest between sets

    d) conditioning 18min
    6 rounds on every 3:00min
    200m db ball run 20/15 kg
    12 toes to bar
    9 deadlifts 80/60 kg
    *score is the slowest round