• So 8. Mai

    a) mobility 4min
    1min each
    samson stretch
    instep rotation stretch

    b) warm up 4min
    1 round for quality
    1min bike
    1min kb good mornings
    1min alternating lunges
    1min paralette jump overs

    c) conditioning 30min
    emom 30min (6 rounds)
    1. 10-15cal bike
    2. 15-20 swings
    3. 10-20 jumping lunges
    4. 5-10 paralette burpees
    5. rest

  • Sa 7. Mai

    a) mobility 3min
    1min each
    sumo squat rotation
    down dog to seal
    calf stretch

    b) warm up 5min
    in teams of 2
    2 rounds each
    5 muscle cleans (empty bar)
    5 front squats
    5 shoulder presses
    partner does ski

    c) team conditioning
    in teams of 2
    amrap 30min
    30cal ski
    30 power cleans 60/40
    30cal ski
    30 front sqauts
    30cal ski
    30 push jerks

  • Fr 6. Mai

    a) mobiity 5min
    rom drills

    b) snatch warm up 5-10min

    c) squat snatch 12min
    build to a heavy double

    d) conditioning 18min
    for time
    400m run
    21 squat snatches 40/30
    21 toes to bar
    400m run
    15 squat snatches 40/30
    15 toes to bar
    400m run
    9 squat snatches 40/30
    9 toes to bar

  • Do 5. Mai

    a) mobility / warm up 6min
    for quality
    10/8 cal row (easy)
    10 hanwalk + scorpion
    10/8 cal row (medium)
    10 alt samson + instep rotation
    10/8 cal row (hard)

    b) long conditioning 30min
    every 3min x 10 sets
    5 strict pull ups
    10 hand release push ups
    15 alternating box step ups 60/50
    max cal row

    c) midline accessory 8min
    for quality
    50 rower pike ups

  • Mi 4. Mai

    a) mobilty 4min
    1min each
    sumo squat stretch
    alternating instep rotation
    alternating pigeon stretch
    front rack stretch

    b) warm up 5min
    3 rounds for quality
    10 squats
    100m shuttle runs (10m)

    c) front squat 15min
    1. build to a heavy single
    2. 1 x max reps @ 80%

    d) conditioninig 15min
    10 rounds for time
    5 db front squats 20/15
    10 db deadlifts
    50m farmers carry

  • Di 3. Mai

    a) mobility 4min
    1min each
    table top bridge
    calf stretches
    scapula push ups

    b) warm up 5min
    for quality
    10 push ups
    50 rope jumps
    8 push ups
    40 rope jumps
    6 push ups
    30 rope jumps
    4 push ups
    20 rope jumps
    2 push ups
    10 rope jumps

    c) bench press 12min
    1. build to a heavy single
    2. 1 x max reps @ 80%

    d) conditioning 12min
    amrap 12min
    9 burpees to target
    35 double unders

    e) gymnastic accessory 6min
    emom 6min
    1. max dip support hold
    2. max handstand hold