• So 9. Aug

    a) movement prep
    high knees
    samson stretch
    hip crossover

    b) skill: knees to elbows

    c) conditioning
    emom 28min
    10-15 hand release push ups
    15-20 plate overhead lunges
    15/10 ski
    10-15 knees to elbows

    a) movement prep
    3 rounds
    row 24/26/28s/m
    instep stretch + rotation/handwalk/dynamic bridge

    b) prehab
    hollow hold
    arch hold

    c) conditioning
    3 rounds
    1000/800m row
    60sec rest
    500/400m row
    30sec rest
    250/200 row
    2min rest

    time cap 32min

  • Sa 8. Aug

    a) movement prep
    2 rounds (teams of 2)
    1. 200m run
    2. 10 samson stretches
    amrap handwalks

    b) team conditioning
    In teams of two for time
    1000m run
    80 alt db snatches 20/15
    60 burpee over the partner
    800m run
    60 alt db snatches
    40 burpee over the partner
    600m run
    40 alt db snatch
    20 burpee over the partner

    35min cap

  • Fr 7. Aug

    a) movement prep
    2 rounds
    rope jumps
    samson stretches
    warrior squats

    b) build to a heavy complex
    1 power clean
    1 hang squat clean
    1 front squat

    c) conditioning
    for time
    60 hang squat cleans 40/30
    60 toes to bar
    *30 double unders for each break

    20min cap

  • Do 6. Aug

    a) movement prep
    amrap 5min
    jumping jacks
    emom 3 handwalks + push ups

    b) skill
    muscle up

    c) benchmark conditioning
    amrap 20min
    2 muscle ups
    4 handstand push ups
    8 swings 32/24

    compare to 29.01.2020

  • Mi 5. Aug

    a) movement prep
    2 rounds
    50” on/10” off
    row/running in place
    samson stretch
    sumo squat stretch

    c) stength
    4 sets on every 2min
    4 back squats >78%

    c) for time
    1000m run with med ball 20/14
    100 wall balls 20/14
    1000m row

    20min cap

  • Di 4. Aug

    a) movement prep
    2 rounds
    mountain climbers
    pass throughs
    foam rolling THS

    b) prehab
    2 rounds
    45" on/ 15" off
    prone behind the neck press
    foam roller knee tucks

    c) strength
    build to a heavy complex
    2 push press
    3 push jerks

    5 rounds for time
    21 box jumps
    15 push press 40/30
    9 pull up

    rx+ 50/35, c2b
    sc 30/20, ring rows

    15min cap