Do you want to learn more about Myleo, CrossFit, training, memberships, nutrition or other topics? Our FAQs are loaded with additional information. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through and make sure to check out our blog too!

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  • What is the animal in your logo?

  • Do you sell Myleo merchandise?


  • Is CrossFit for everyone?

  • I just started CrossFit. Do you have any tips?


  • Do you have parking available?

  • Do you have shower gel, shampoo, and towels?

  • Can I pay with card?

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

  • What kind of food and drinks do you offer at the Myleo Café?

  • Is it possible to hire your space?


  • I am really out of shape. Can I still join the free intro training?

  • Do I need to bring anything for the free trial?

  • I’m already CrossFit experienced. Can I just join a regular class instead of the free intro training?

  • I can’t make the free intro training on Sunday. Is there another time to try Myleo?

  • I am pretty fit. Do I still need to join the Fundamental Classes?

  • I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?

  • I would like to bring a friend. Can they just join a class with me?

  • I don’t speak German, can I train at Myleo?

  • I want to start training at Myleo. How often should I come?

  • Who does the program for Myleo?

  • I want to participate in CrossFit competitions. What can I do?

  • Do you have Gym Rules?

  • Do you offer corporate fitness?


  • I completed the free intro training and I’m hooked! How do I start?

  • I’d like to do all 4 Fundamentals Classes in one week, but only have a contract for 2x training per week.

  • I would like to train more often – can I upgrade my contract?

  • I am going away for 2 weeks. Can I pause my membership?

  • I didn’t attend a class last week. Can I use my unused credits this week?

  • I have to terminate/downgrade my contract early, is that possible?

  • Can I share my training session card with someone?

  • Can I cancel a class after signing up?

  • Do you offer discounts (for students etc.)?

  • Do I have to sign up for the Open Gym in the schedule as well?

CrossFit Kids

  • Is there a free intro training for the Myleo CrossFit Kids program?

  • My kid is under 18, but too old for CrossFit Kids classes. Can he/she become a regular member?

  • Do you do Kids Birthdays?


  • How can I learn more about proper nutrition?