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Did you enjoy your free introductory class? If you’re ready to start fighting your schweinehund with us, you need to attend our 3 hour fundamental workshop to learn the basic movements used in CrossFit. Mastering the correct technique is the best way of preventing injuries.

After completing the fundamentals course you will be ready to join our CrossFit WODs and all the other classes we offer. But this is not the end of your learning! Our coaches provide guidance to improve your skills in every class.

By the way: You can join all of our Sweat Club classes right away, without having to do the fundamental class.


Free Intro Training

60-90 min

Learn all about myleo and the CrossFit Training methodology.

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Fundamental Workshop

1 x 180 min

Learn the fundamental CrossFit movements to prevent injuries and practice proper technique to join the regular group classes. In this 3 hours workshop we coach the basics step by step.

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Kill your Schweinehund

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Personal Training

Individual Coaching

Of course you can do the intro training, the fundamental classes, and all other classes with 1 on 1 personal training as well.