Sweat Club

The Sweat Club is our newest class format and the name says ist all.

During this 60 min class, we are burning calories and improving your work capacity, stamina and endurance with high intensive interval training.

In other words: „metcon plus“. The heart of this class is a long, grinding interval workout with functional bodyweight movements but also weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells and medballs and of course the (in)famous ergs: ski, row, bike.

Everyone who loves a good sweat and long metcons will love this class.

The Sweat Club is a great option for anyone who is afraid of lifting the heavy weights or just does not want to do the „classic“ CrossFit Workout.

You can start immediately without having to attend our fundamental class before. This class is still hard and challenging – and we guarantee you will work hard, sweat a lot and have lots of fun!