CrossFit WODs are the core of our program. With around 10 CrossFit classes daily, you can plan your training according to your schedule. Our coaches are all CrossFit Level 2 certified and have specialist certificates and education.

A CrossFit WOD is 60 minutes long and lead by 1 or 2 coaches.

Here’s what you can expect.

During a short intro, you will get to know your training group. We then warm up and do skill work to get ready for the WOD.

In the first part of the workout, we work on weightlifting strength or gymnastics.

The second part is called the ‘metcon’ (short for metabolic conditioning), and is 5-30 minutes long. This usually consists of 2 or 3 exercises and is timed. You work as fast as possible while maintaining the correct form. This will get your heart rate up, as the intensity is high.

Finally, we cool down and stretch, noting our scores on the board as the endorphins run through our exhausted bodies.