Your Start

If you’ve never done CrossFit before, you need to learn our CrossFit Fundamentals. We’ll teach you all the movements and techniques you need to participate safely in our classes.

Mastering the correct technique is the best way of preventing injuries. Our goal is to make you a competent athlete. Our methodology is based on training mechanics, then consistency, and finally intensity.

To get you ready for the classes quickly but safely, you have 2 options:

A 2-hour Fundamental Workshop which takes place every 2 weeks in a small group setting.


The Fundamental 1:1 which entails 2 x 60min Personal Trainings Sessions you can schedule flexible to suit your schedule. Here you can work 1:1 with your coach and learn all necessary skills.

After this, you’re ready to join our CrossFit WODs and all the other classes we offer!

The fundamentals classes build the foundation of your training. But it’s not the end of your learning! Our coaches will help you work on your skills in every class.

By the way, even before attending the fundamentals workshop, you can join our Sweat Club classes, so you can start your training right away.

If you would like to plan your start at myleo, just send us an email to and we will schedule your fundamentals to get you going!

myleo Fundamentals

  • Fundamental 1:1

    2 x 60min Personal Training
    flexible dates to fit your schedule
  • Fundamental Workshop

    1 x 90min Group Workshop
    every 2 weeks

*incl. VAT