Workout of the Day

Mo 9. Mai

a) mobility 4min
1min each
alternating instep rotation
alternating pigeon stretch
kneeling lat stretch
birg dogs

b) warm up 5min
2 rounds for quality
12 deadlifts (empty bar)
9 hang muslce cleans
6 strict presses
3 strict pull ups / 6 ring rows

c) deadlift 15min
1. build to a heavy single
2. 1 x max reps @ 80%

d) conditioning 15min
for time
30 chest to bar pull ups
3 rounds of dumbbell "DT"
20 chest to bar pull ups
2 rounds of dumbbell "DT"
10 chest to bar pull ups
1 round of dumbbell "DT"

*dumbbell "DT"
12 dumbbell deadlifts 20/15
9 dumbbell hang cleans
6 db push jerks


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