Workout of the Day

Fr 30. Apr

a) movement prep
2 rounds
down ups
instep stretch + rotations

b) strength
emom 10min
1. 12 alt db/kb single leg rom deadlifts
2. 12 alt db/kb renegade row

no equipment alt single leg rom deadlift, alt side rotation in push up position

c) conditioning
amrap 15min
20 alt db snatches
10 burpees over db

no equipment squats, burpees

compare to 06.01.2021

a) warm up 10min
emom 9min
1. 14 instep stretch + rotation
2. 12 lateral squat stretch + 6 reverse lunges
3. 8 handwalk + push ups
5 barbell good mornings
10 alt backrack lunges (unloaded bar)
5 tall muscle cleans
10 barbell frontrack lunges (unloaded bar)
5 shoulder press
work up to work load

b) strength 20min
emom 12min
"curtis p complex" 60/40
3min rest
amrap 1min
power cleans 60/40
1min rest
amrap 1min
frontrack lunges 60/40
1min rest
amrap 1min
push press 60/40


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