Community Events

We are not only experts in fighting your Schweinehund – we also know how to party! Our myleo Community Events are world famous in Berlin. What’s better than sweating, celebrating and having fun with your community?!

We have 4 annual myleo Events and a couple of special events every year.

The best part: all levels can join! CrossFit Newbies and Advanced athletes can take part in our events, because for us, our events are all about: HAVING FUN WITH YOUR COMMUNITY!


EASTERCHALLENGE – „Break Your Limits“ – every year on Easter Monday

An Individual Challenge for myleo members only.

GAMES MANIA – 1st Saturday in August

We celebrate the CrossFit Games with our own Games-like Event! This is a Bring A Friend Event.

EINHEIZCHALLENGE – every year on Ocotber 3rd, Tag der Deutschen Einheit

A Team Challenge for myleo members only.

WOD MARATHON – last Sunday before Christmas

The perfect way to end the year and sweat hard! Drop ins are very welcome.